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Oct 07, 2021 | Tico Kock | 664 views
On October 4th, the OWHA came out with their policy around vaccinations. This does include the ability for associations to collect proof of vaccination. If you would like to see the two points related to the vaccination policy, they are listed below. As a result, the association will require proof of vaccination (paper copy) to be provided on the following dates listed below. This pertains to anyone on a roster, including coaches, managers, trainers and players. This will take place next week. One association representative will be available at your practice to collect the information.

U15 2nd team - Cherrie Racine
U15 1st team - Tammy King
U11 Rep - Wes Parent
U9 Rep - Erin Kusek, Dan Pellarin
U13 Rep - Cherrie Racine
U18 Rep - Dan Pellarin, Erin Kusek
U11 LL - Dan Pellarin, Erin Kusek
U15 LL - Mike McFadden, Karen Robinson
7. Record Keeping All documentary records about COVID-19 vaccinations and accommodations for Affected Persons will only be collected, used, retained, or disclosed by the OWHA or any of its members as may be necessary for legitimate operational purposes or as directed or requested by governmental authorities or as may be required for legal purposes. Until no longer required, all records retained in relation to this Policy must be kept in a secure location to which access is provided to only a limited number of designated persons who are involved in administering this Policy, and no others. Once an Affected Person’s vaccination status has been verified and it is determined that there is no further need for retention of such records, they must be immediately destroyed in a secure manner (e.g., shredding). 
8. Unvaccinated Affected Persons After October 17, 2021, any Affected Person who is not Fully Vaccinated (excluding the 14-day period after receiving their completed dose) or who has not been granted an accommodation in accordance with Section 6 of this Policy, will no longer be eligible to participate in any Sanctioned Activities until such time as they have presented satisfactory evidence that they have been Fully Vaccinated (including the 14-day period after receiving their completed dose) or have been granted an accommodation. 
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